I am the Penultimate Prichard and Cozen groupie!

Those of you who have met me at Sewing By the Sea or in blogland know that I am almost always taking a Land of Lost Luggage class. 4 times a year, I'm there! I rave about Julie and Chis and I am constantly bugging them to design a tee shirt that I can get through Cafe Press.

And so I want all of you to know that they're offering a chance for someone to win all those wonderful classes I've taken AS WELL AS all of their upcoming classes, for ever! YOU need to go,  pick a class and dive in - the water is beyond divine! Art is the source of long and happy lives, you know, and Julie and Chris will help you do it in glorious color.

You'll be glad you did!


Coleen said...

Guess it's time to remove this Edie. I was already to go when I heard the date. Too bad I missed it, but I"ll look into what they do anyway. Looks good. If you're a groupie, they must be good.

Got your package ready to swap for the Strathmore Journal. I'm really pleased as it will be the first time I've had my hands on one. Just can't buy stuff like that here. WE are pretty 3rd world in Ukraine, but it's coming along. Bless your heart for trading. Hope you like the things I'm sending. I found lots of pictures for you and lots of good mixed-media stuff.
Coleen in Ukraine
come visit and I'd love it if you follow. I"m following here now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Edie,

I am so glad you live with magic and dogs and even magic dogs.

Just LOOK at your header.. your three there all lined up...
give them a scruffle for me.